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        Defining Brush

        130 | Face Series


        Cut at the perfect angle to sculpt and shape your face using your favorite cream, liquid, and powder bronzers + blushes. This brush was custom created to blend out our Candy Paint cheek + lip tints and bronzers like an absolute dream. Simply buff or stipple the product directly onto your face, and let the brush do all the hard work for you. 

        Complexion Brush

        110 | Face Series


        This flat-top kabuki-style complexion brush is dense, compact, and irresistibly cute! It's made from uber-soft, professional-grade 100% synthetic hairs. The flat surface makes it perfect for applying your favorite cream, liquid, and even powder foundations! You won't believe how flawless your skin looks with this bad boy in your arsenal! 

        How To Use:

        1. Press the brush head into your bronzer or blush. If using powder products, shake off the excess product by gently tapping it against your hand or compact.

        2a. Bronzer: press the brush onto your skin in areas where the sun would naturally hit your face (i.e. cheekbones, forehead, bridge of your nose).

        2b. Blush: keep in mind that the density of this brush with produce a more pigmented result. We recommend lightly sweeping the brush across your cheekbones and over the bridge of your nose. 


        How To Use:

        1. Either squeeze your foundation onto the back of your hand, or use your fingertips to smear your foundation across your forehead, cheeks, chin, and nose. 

        2. Lightly tap the top of your brush into the foundation and begin stippling, swirling, and blending each area of your face in an outward direction towards your hairline.

        3. We recommend starting with less than you think you need. You can always add more!

        3. Don't forget to drag your foundation down your neck! 


        Duo Fiber Brush

        813 | Face Series


        This brush features a soft, yet dense core with ultra-wispy ends. It's perfect for creating a diffused flush of color on the cheeks with powder, cream, and liquid blushes or bronzers. Pair this with your more pigmented blushes and you'll be shocked at how light and airy the application can be! (We're looking at you In Bloom.)

        Mini Buffer Brush

        220 | Face Series


        This super-soft dome-shaped brush is great for hitting those hard-to-reach places on your face. Perfect as a concealer brush to blend out your under-eyes, spot correcting blemishes, and blurring imperfections. It seamlessly blends single shade cream and powder eyeshadows. This gem is truly a multi-tasking makeup bag staple!

        How To Use:

        1. This brush performs the best with powder products (i.e. blush, highlighter, setting, etc.)

        2. Gently tap (or swirl if you want a more concentrated distribution of color) the brush directly into your desired product. 

        3. Tap off the excess pigment using your hand or the back of the compact.

        4. Apply with sweeping or circular motions across your face in the desired areas, depending on the product being used.

        5. The custom cut of this brush is perfect for a diffused wash of color. 


        How To Use:

        1. There is a myriad of ways of applying concealer to your face: You can use the concealer applicator to apply the product directly onto your face, apply the concealer to the back of your hand, or (if using a cream concealer), tap the brush directly into the compact. 

        2. Begin by pressing the concealer into the innermost corner of your undereye, downwards towards your nostril, and outwards/ upwards towards your cheekbone. 

        3. Avoid dragging the brush across your face, as it can sacrifice the coverage. Be gentle with the skin around your under eyes; it is very delicate.

        4. To give the illusion of a lifted look, apply concealer to the outer corner of your eye and blend towards your hairline. 


        Deluxe Buffer Brush

        407 | Eye Series


        This fluffy, uniquely dome-shaped buffer is densely packed and flexible for comfortable application. The only brush you'll ever need for a one shadow look. Helps to seamlessly buff cream and powder products onto the lid and beyond.

        Blender Brush

        808 | Eye Series


        This tapered oval blending brush has luxuriously soft fibers, perfect for shading and contouring the eye. This brush features high-performance blending capabilities for powder, cream, and liquid products!

        How To Use:

        1. Tap the brush head into the shadow of your choice (works with cream, liquid, powder).

        2. Starting at the inner corner of your eye and blending outwards in a sweeping motion.

        3. If using for one-and-done color application, make sure to continue blending the pigment across your brow bone. 

        4. To build up the intensity, apply a second layer of pigment using the same method of application. 

        How To Use:

        1. Press and tap the brush head into your eyeshadow pan.

        2. Tap off any excess product by gently tapping it against your hand or palette.

        2. With your eye slightly closed, lightly press the tip of the brush on the outer corner of your eye socket-- sweeping the product back and forth toward your inner brow bow in a windshield wiping motion.

        3. Blend way any harsh lines by using the brush in small circular motions.


        Crease Brush

        816 | Eye Series


        This crease brush was custom cut and pressed into a semi-flat tapered oval to fluff, wash, pat, and blend color across the eye and into the crease. The fluffy design deposits and builds color the perfect amount of color for a high-end makeup finish. 

        Shader Brush

        128 | Eye Series


        A soft, yet dense shader brush that's meticulously cut and pressed into a semi-flat, rounded dome, making it ideal for packing, building, and smoking out your favorite pigments. Simply press, pack, and swipe your products on, letting this brush do all the work.

        How To Use:

        1. Gently tap the tip of your brush head into the eyeshadow pan-- starting with your transition shade.

        2. With a light hand and a partially closed eye, swirl the brush at the outermost corner of your eyelid-- moving in a sweeping and circular motion towards the inner brow bone.

        3. Build up the intensity by slowly adding darker shades to your crease using the same application method. 

        4. Blend, blend blend!

        How To Use:

        1. Press the flat side of the brush into your eyeshadow pan

        2. Swipe the brush across your eyelid with the flat side, starting at the inner corner of your eye and moving outwards. 

        3. For a bolder, more intense look, apply a second layer of product. 

        4. Smoke out your lower lash line by first using the excess shadow on your brush, then adding a small amount of pigment to the tip of the brush head + smoke again!