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Half Caked is about mixing quality with fun. We don’t shy away from color, we embrace it. In a world where everything has turned sad beige, we created pops of color in your makeup bag that outperform everything else. Half Caked celebrates sisters, best friends, and the closest girls in your life. Our name symbolizes what it was like to grow up with a sibling and share everything with her, thus creating your sister's makeup. The mission is simple: open your makeup bag to Half Caked and get that serotonin boost. We strive for the status of HG; the holy-grail makeup you tell your besties about simply because it’s that good. Our eye-catching products (with names that bring nostalgia) don’t just stop there– they consistently deliver beautiful enhancements to your everyday makeup routine. We proudly develop newly commissioned products that are sensitive skin safe, always cruelty-free and vegan, and seamlessly work with your existing routine.

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