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Mascara Tips and Tricks

Ah, mascara. This magical makeup product was developed by a chemist with the last name of Rimmel (yes, that brand!) in 1892 and consisted of coal dust and petroleum jelly. Since this revolutionary product was invented in the 19th century, we have seen lightyears of improvement for this revolutionary staple. 

As the legendary Stan Lee once penned, with great power comes great responsibility, so we're here to help you get the most out of your Totally Tubular tubing mascara.

Totally Tubular Mascara Blog Post
Totally Tubular Mascara in The Heights, featured in the ipsy Glam Bag.

Tip: Find the best mascara formula. 

When we developed Half Caked Totally Tubular, it was tested in many of life's elements. We're located in Florida, aka, humidity's breeding grounds. Walking outside in the dead heat, getting hit with a wall of steam and it doesn't disturb your mascara? We call that a feat in itself.

However, that alone wasn't enough for us. We went swimming, boating and water tubing (a visual) during summer activities and this mascara didn't budge. The best part? If you wanted it to come off, you could simply just wipe your eyes. Gently, of course.


Trick: How to use mascara to get longer eyelashes.

Calling all shorter-lashed people! No, you don't need lash extensions, you just need to tweak your technique. The first step to getting really great natural lashes is to ensure your lashes are free of any residue, dirt, old product, etc. Applying new mascara to a fresh set of eyes will allow the product to glide on easier.

How to get longer eyelashes with mascara - Half Caked Totally Tubular
Work the wand from the root of the lash to the tip, building product at the base.


Once your lashes are clean, set your wand into the base of your lashes (where your eyelashes meet your eyelid) and gently wiggle back and fourth. The mascara face is real: opening your mouth slightly will widen your eyes and help with a full coverage application. 


Long bottom eyelashes with Half Caked Totally Tubular Mascara
Use the same method for your lower lashes. 

Make sure you put the emphasis on the base of your lashes, rather than the root. We'll let the laws of physics do the explaining on this one: apply too much to the tips, and they will become heavy or clumpy. This will result in any length you created to fall down during the day. If you use the wiggle technique at the base, you're sure to create the volume, length and thickness that creates an overall stunning lash. 


Tip: Avoid the dreaded raccoon eyes.

Picture this: you leave your house in the AM looking fresh, face glowing, and ready to face the day. 12 PM hits and you find yourself staring at your reflection with dread as you realize the black smudges living under your eyes. How long have they been there? Was I talking to people like this? Why didn't anyone tell you? (a different story). 

Half Caked Totally Tubular Mascara Smear

Don't worry, this smudge won't end up under your eyes after lunchtime. 

The beauty of tubing mascara is this: you will not have any of these issues. The way this type of product works is by forming little tubes around your lashes, protecting them from the hellish black dots that can transfer onto your face during the day. These tubes create a lash extension look that also provides a flake-free, smudge-free and waterproof experience. 

Tubing mascara is also wax-free and, instead, uses polymers to wrap around eyelashes, allowing for them to stretch (without the clumping you can get with traditional mascara). 


Tip: How to get your mascara tube to last longer.

Did you know the way you take your mascara out of the tube can either prolong or reduce the shelf life? 

The proper way for adding additional layers to your eyelashes is to never pump the wand. Instead, try putting your applicator back into the tube and swirling it around to gain more product. Pumping the wand can cause air to get trapped into the formula, thus drying it out faster.

Totally Tubular Mascara in The Realest
The Black Eyed Peas said, "Pump it!", but we don't think they meant your mascara tube.

The shelf life of mascara is around 3 months to avoid any growing bacteria, so this tip can extend your tube to its full potential. 


Trick: Get mascara off your face or eyeshadow, instantly.

You're doing your makeup. It looks fantastic-- selfie-worthy, even. The last step before your setting spray results in a terrible mistake: you slipped and hit your lid.

Half Caked Totally Tubular Mascara - Before and After
Your eye look doesn't have to be ruined by a smudge.

Here's the thing: that beautiful eye look doesn't have to be ruined. Before you take your q-tip and makeup remover (or your spit, let's be honest) to your eyelid, try this:

  • Let the mascara dry. As in, completely. It doesn't take long, so don't worry if you're in a rush!
  • Take any tool-- spoolie, q-tip, a makeup brush.. anything that's in the realm of whats closest to you (and small). 
  • Gently flick off the black smudge in a back-and-fourth, or up-and-down motion until it's gone. 

This method not only allows you to save time without fixing or re-doing your makeup, but it is also is extremely easy and can be done in seconds.


Tip: How to remove mascara off your eyelashes.

Half Caked Totally Tubular Mascara - The Applicators

Easy, peasy, mascara... squeezy.

The beauty of tubing mascara is that you never need makeup remover or soap. That's right, you only need water to remove this product from your eyelashes. This is the best method for removal and yields immediate results:

  • Gently wet your fingertips with water of any temperature. 
  • Place them on your eyes and, in a back and fourth movement, lightly rub the base of your lashes.
  • The tubes will begin to disperse and you can continue this method until they are completely gone from your face. 

That's it! Not only is this the best formula for length, but it's also extremely easy to remove.


Our Totally Tubular Mascara is available on and Amazon Prime for $12 each. Cruelty-free, vegan and clean beauty formulated mascara. 

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