Electric Body Tanning Mitt



Meet Electric Body’s partner in crime!

Our super-soft Electric Body Tanning Mitt is the hero that assists with the perfect tan. Pump Electric Body tanning mousse directly onto your mitt and use gentle buffing motions for a streak-free, even application.

Why it's for you:

  • Water-resistant barrier protects hands from sunless tanning color.
  • Hand washable for repeated use.
  • Provides a natural, streak-free tan.


  1. For best results, exfoliate skin before tanning.
  2. Pump the mousse directly onto your Electric Body tanning mitt and apply in circular, sweeping motions.
  3. Use sparingly around hands, feet, knees, and elbows.
  4. Allow up to 8 hours for your tan to fully develop before rinsing.
  5. Avoid using harsh soaps or exfoliants for at least 12 hours after the tan has been applied.
Please note: this formula contains a color guide to assist in more even applications. This may transfer onto clothing and fabrics but washes out with regular detergent.