Why choose us? Half Caked ™ is about mixing quality with fun. We don’t shy away from color, we embrace it. In a world where everything has turned sad beige, we created pops of color in your makeup bag that outperform everything else. Half Caked ™ celebrates sisters, best friends, and the closest girls in your life. Our name symbolizes what it was like to grow up with a sibling and share everything with her, thus creating your sister's makeup

Our name symbolizes what it was like to grow up with a sibling and share everything with her, thus creating your sister's makeup. 


Half Caked ™ was founded by Nicole Masifilo in 2016 and launched 6 shades of Lip Fondants during the liquid lipstick craze that defined Instagram makeup. As a makeup collector, maven, and definite over-consumer, she sought to create products that added value to her routine. After testing thousands of brands as an online content creator, Nicole knew there was a gap between what had become an overwhelming amount of makeup on the market and quality, which was sadly lacking. She felt that the faster collections were pushed out, the more overlooked the product performance seemed to be. 

When her sister Erica Thompson joined the company, she immediately began working with Nicole to formulate high-performance heroes in your everyday makeup routine. As someone who suffered from Rosacea and sensitive skin, Erica ensured the ingredient list would never cause flare-ups and tested every lab sample ever received. The two sisters decided playful and colorful makeup didn’t need to be limited edition or fleeting, it could be embraced as a part of your daily ritual. Our brand may be creator-founded, but you power our brand by embracing our basics. From cream heart blushes to glossy lips, we have you covered to look your absolute best. 


The mission is simple: open your makeup bag to Half Caked ™ and get that serotonin boost. We strive for the status of HG; the holy-grail makeup you tell your besties about simply because it’s that good. Our eye-catching products (with names that bring nostalgia) don’t just stop there– they consistently deliver beautiful enhancements to your everyday makeup routine. We proudly develop newly commissioned products that are sensitive skin safe, always cruelty-free and vegan, and seamlessly work with your existing routine. 


Half Caked ™ delivers fun, readily accessible, and easy-to-use cosmetics that will enhance your natural beauty. We promise we won’t break you out or break the bank, and we’ll fit right into your existing routine, no matter how complex or simple it may be. If you don’t know how to apply your new purchase? Don’t worry, we’ll show you how to use it.  We know there are endless makeup options available, which is why we promise to be the constant bright spot in your day and make you smile when you use us. 

Half Caked ™ will never include parabens, phthalates, alcohol, or silicones, amongst other controversial dirties in our ingredient list. Our products will never stray from being cruelty-free or vegan, and we will never include animal derivatives in anything produced. We offer original formulations sourced from our international labs, always with fair working conditions. 

Any product we create is backed by 100% customer satisfaction and can be exchanged or returned for a refund, without the need to send it back to us. We like to think of our customers as family and are so grateful you have joined our sisterhood. 

Nicole's Holy Grail

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Star Bright Liquid Brightener

Erica's Holy Grail

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Totally Tubular Tubing Mascara with open applicator showing the curved brush and the product's lilac packaging.